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why does ice float -- ice structure

Why does ice float?

Try an interactive activity that uses molecular modeling to explain the reason ice floats.

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art lesson plans images

Art Activities

HS Art Lesson Plans for Studio in Art, Advanced Art, Portfolio Prep and AP Art.

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what is difference between mass and weight

What is the difference between mass and weight?

Interactive experiment to understand concept ...

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Beach chair in Nice France

What are the Best Restaurants..

Reviews of the best restaurants in: Nice, Venice, New York, Miami...

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Edinformatics has designed a two part -end of year- 8th grade science test that accesses both "Knowledge and Concepts" (Part I), and "Reasoning and Analysis Skills" (part II). Most of the science material used for the test is consistent with current intermediate school textbooks. Several questions require more rigorous mathematics that is contained within the newly initiated Common Core Standards and the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).

edinformatics challenge -- science and math test
  • What were the Greatest Inventions of all Time -- What are the 300 Greatest Inventions of all time?
  • Great Thinkers --Great Minds- Who were the greatest thinkers of all time? EDinformatics puts its list on the WEB... mathematicians, philosophers, artists, writers, scientists ..
  • The Adolescent Brain --Why Teenagers Think and Act Differently It now appears some of that baffling behavior of your teenage child (or student) may be the result of neurobiology not raging hormones
  • Being Bilingual and using it staves off Dementia-- people who are fully bilingual and speak both languages every day for most of their lives can delay the onset of dementia by up to four years ...
  • Last Minute Science Projects-- While few good ones are out there, we do have some creative ideas of our own if you are willing to put the time and effort into them
  • Culinary Arts or Culinary Science? --Now it's Molecular Gastronomy With changes in how we cook and eat the fields of culinary arts and culinary science appear to be merging forming new areas know as 'Molecular Gastronomy" and Culinology... read more -- Best Culinary Schools in New York -- 2016 Reviews...-- What are the best Recreational Cooking Schools in the World -- Cooking and Travel.
  • NCTM Focal Points and Singapore Math ---Will the current Math Curriculum using the NCTM Focal Points be more in line with International Standards? Many schools are implementing a Singapore Style Math component...
  • What were the top Science News Stories in 2016 -- See our list of the top 10 news headlines in science and many more..
  • Exercise Could Slow Aging --It now appears that physically active people have cells that look younger at the molecular level than those that are sedentary..
  • How does Tamiflu Work Against the Flu --If you take Tamiflu within 48 hours of showing symptoms, it can shorten the duration of the flu (strains A and B). How does Tamiflu work?
  • About the Zika Virus and a Zika Vaccine -Zika has arrived in the US and currently is growing in Florida... Several vaccines are now under development... read more -